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So two years ago I bought some software from a company called Ambrosia Software. I’d like to tell you a little bit about why you should avoid this company.

On March 3rd 2011 I paid $129 + tax for a product called WireTap Anywhere from Ambrosia Software. This product functioned until Apple updated their operating system to OS X Lion 10.7 on July 20th 2011.

Ambrosia Software promised to update the software within a few months as per their website. No update occurred.

I had then contacted them to see why they missed their deadline, and received the following response:

Ambrosia Software Support Blames The Developers

Shortly after their site was updated to claim that they need to find “workarounds” to get their software working. A few more months went by and then upon contacting them, they told me that they need to wait for Apples 10.8 operating system to come out. I waited a few months after it released on July 25th 2012 and they said they were working on a fix. I contacted them again a few months after that, and they said they had a working private beta they were just finishing testing on.

Now a few days ago (a whole 2 years and 4 months after the original purchase date) the software is still non-functional, and they said in a support request that they no longer plan to update it:

Ambrosia Software Will No Longer Support Their Currently For Sale Products

I would have sought a refund initially, but the return period of 30 days had passed before Apple released the later version. I was sold the product with promises of updates and support. I was then promised updates again, and again until this e-mail.

Now this is not only terrible support, but it was sold to me with the promise of free software updates. It’s bad enough that they won’t support their own products, but now that WireTap Anywhere is officially not receiving any fixes, they should stop selling it. As of this article, they are still selling the software as if nothing is wrong. There is no mention on the page that support (and fixes) are not going to happen. Just a link to a blog entry saying they are working on it:

Ambrosia Software Still Selling A Dead Product

I highly recommend avoiding this company. WireTap Anywhere unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a competitor, but it doesn’t work anyway. Ambrosia Software’s other products have many alternatives which I recommend you use instead. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint just to have it on the record, and I voiced my displeasure with Ambrosia Software, but I don’t see any resolution happening. I’m writing this in the hopes of saving other people from the frustration of trying to get support from these guys.