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Matthew Ahrenstein

DevOps Engineer for an amazing company, hiker, amateur radio operator, target shooter, and developer.

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Officially Me

If you would like to get in touch with me for whatever reason you may have, be it to hire me for some contract work, to ask me a question, or to just say “Hi,” then you can contact me via any of the services below.1

Google+: +MatthewAhrenstein
Twitter: @ahrenstein
YouTube: MatthewAhrenstein
LinkedIn: ahrenstein
GitHub: ahrenstein
E-Mail: My first name @ this website. Feel free to encrypt the e-mail with the below GPG key

GPG Key Fingerprint: 1BB4 8346 8A6A 587A E7E6 F6DA 628F 9A1D 5C87 4010
Route 1337 GPG Key Fingerprint: 73E9 E803 E312 FFC9 CC5E 12FD EB39 53CB BCAF 6CFD

  1. The accounts on this page are the only official ways to get in touch with me.  If the account is not listed above, then it is not mine.  Also please remember that I receive a lot of messages. I will get to yours as soon as I can.