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Matthew Ahrenstein

DevSecOps Engineer for an amazing company, hiker, amateur radio operator, target shooter, developer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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About Matthew

My name is Matthew. I am a DevSecOps Engineer for an amazing company. I’m an experienced Team Lead with a proven track record of automation without sacrificing speed or security. My experience is with a range of different technologies, and I have a varied skill set that is essential to modern Information Security. I’m always digging in to the latest technology trends.
My interests range from modern mobile technology to the classic amateur radio bands. I also have a personal interest in individual security and privacy in our ever more connected world. I’m currently working full time at Armis Security. In my spare time, I like to hike, cook, operate radios on 70cm, shoot (paper targets only), develop open source tools, and explore the world of cryptocurrency. If you are interested in a copy of my resume, or you have a project proposal then feel free to contact me directly via your preferred medium1.

  1. I’m not currently willing to join projects that require full time commitment, involve physical relocation, or are related to my employer’s core products and market.