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DevOps Engineer for an amazing company, hiker, amateur radio operator, target shooter, and developer.

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How I Host

I use a variety of popular tools and services to host Here is a breakdown of how it all works.

Amy, My New Assistant

No I'm not bragging that I can afford to pay someone to do things for me; I'm bragging that I have an AI to do things for me.


Why You Should Use Filevault 2

This article is about why you should turn on OS X’s Filevault 2 full disk encryption. Although the alternate title could easily be “How to break into a Mac t...



Fixing the Retina Display Frozen UI Bug

So if you own one of those fancy new MacBook Pro with Retina Display laptops, you might have witnessed this irritating bug. If you close the lid sometimes wh...

Using Simple Bank

For the past few months I’ve been testing out a new bank alternative known as Simple. I’d like to talk about the experience a bit.


Platform Wars Episode 4: A New Merchant

What!?! Another Platform Wars? Yes, you are correct! I’m running out of movie titles to reference though. This time, I will be discussing mobile payments. I...

Rules of Kmem Russian Roulette

Even though this website is meant to be professional, that doesn’t mean I can never post something fun right? Well here is a little server admin game you can...

The First Post

“A new website, a new idea, and a whole lot of writing.”