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UPDATED (05/27/2020): Google Analytics have now been removed as well.

I know I don’t have the most popular blog out there, but for the readers I do have, the comments section was active. So why did I remove it?
It’s actually quite simple. As more and more people are becoming concerned (rightfully so!) for their privacy, I’ve taken a fresh look at the design of my site.

I’m using an open source template created by someone I don’t know for a static site generator. I was also using a free comment system called Disqus to host my comments. Looking at the network traffic in my browser when loading my own site shows me something I am no longer comfortable with: Trackers. Eight of them!
Most of them are loaded by Disqus, including the evil Facebook SDK!

So I’ve decided to make a few changes to reduce the tracking my site performs on my visitors. Disqus had to go away so sadly there is no comment system right now. Additionally I removed the Share on Facebook button as I stopped condoning the use of Facebook years ago. (I highly recommend deleting your Facebook account.) I also removed the Share on Google+ button as Google+ was killed by Google.
Twitter I’m still fine with for now as everything is public by default anyway.

Some of you will notice one tracker is still here. I have not found a good replacement for Google Analytics...yet. I find the features it offers me vs the loss in privacy it requires to not be too unbalanced.

I’ve also made these same changes to the website for Route 1337 as it’s built on the same codebase.

I hope you, the loyal reader, enjoy these changes and the privacy they bring.
As always this website will remain ad-free as well.